Why is it so important to have good sexual life for a couple.

Importance of sex

sexual-life-for-a-coupleSex is very important and useful for health. Sexually active people live longer. If you have unprotected sex secretes endorphins – the hormones of happiness and joy, which positively affects the human nervous system. Endorphin is also significantly strengthened the immune system. Sexually frustrated people are often prone to depression and aggression. During sex, women produce estrogen, they improve the condition of skin, hair, and nails. In men, increased production of the hormone testosterone, which strengthens bones and muscles. And sex in the family, a reliable protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

For an intimate relationship is very important diversity. What at first enjoyed, it becomes commonplace and familiar after a while. Turn imagination and do not be afraid to experiment. Buy beautiful sexy lingerie. Change your environment, you can always find a couple of hours to go alone in the sauna or take a trip to the country. Try to play in role-playing games. Take a look at the sex shop and choose for them something interesting. With these little tricks, you can easily resume their former passion and start a new round of family relationships. Even if a man has a mistress, he was not in a hurry to leave the family. And if the wife at this moment takes every effort to keep a loved one, a man is not only in the family but also the relationship becomes more warm and tender. If a man has any problems with sex, Cialis pills for sale can help to solve the problem and bring satisfaction to the partner.

Why do problems in sex appear

Many couples face difficulties in intimacy. It all starts with the extinction of the old passion, a rare intimacy and lack of sex new sensations. Good sex is comparable to the dance couple where both partners know and feel each other.As a teenager, everything is much easier, because young people can make love for hours and then stay awake and full of energy. Over the years, priorities change, and then it becomes more important than the quality of sex, not quantity.
Problems in sexual life may be due to the uncertainty of one of the partners, and most often it is a woman. Most women after work, doing household chores and children, and in the evening she had not sufficient strength to stand. Then he begins to increase sexual frustration and with it the increasing dissatisfaction with marriage. As a consequence, the wife comforted on the side, and the marriage slowly disintegrates. As a result of all this man can lose his sexual desire, but Cialis for sale is a great method, which will help to forget about problems in bed. Everything that man needs from the partner, in this case, is just support and ability to be gentle.

What to do? The first thing to do an analysis of the relationship with her husband (oops) and answer the question, what is wrong with them in terms of sex, and just in everyday life. It may be the root of the problem is hidden in this,