Why a man can lose his sexual desire and how to change this situation.


Women got used that most men want sex than not. But there are times when a man does not want sex. And not only takes the initiative but also trying to avoid sexual relations. Tired at work, already the night, go to sleep, do not bother watching TV, let rest – as representatives of the powerful often say, when you do not want sex.

It is not the age or family experience: Some men do not want to have sex, and in twenty years, and later in life, and if they are newly married, and having a great experience of family life. The reasons for this may be very different, but in all cases, there can be an easy solution, and one of them is Cialis for daily use.

Why is male “do not want”?

Everyone knows that in love there are downs and ups. Passion can pass away, and then it immediately affects the sexual relationship. This does not mean that it will not return, and the time for you to leave. Maybe you need to change its requirements for the man. Just at the beginning of the relationship, feelings of men and women are strained to the limit, and after a while, they begin to treat each other not as rapidly. It is known that living together with a woman eventually leads to a decrease in male passion. To rekindle the flame of passion with renewed vigor, to seduce him, of course, he will like it, and another time he will not disappoint you refused. Remember, relationships are changed in a sinusoidal, and their decline is always followed by a rise.

The emotional disorder can cause disorder in the sexual life of men. Men always seem so “thick-skinned”, however, and are quarrels and spats have a negative impact, and as a result, their sexual behavior. Experts warn: having problems in the relationship, you cannot be happy in marriage. Quarrels, especially constantly repeated, making a closed circle: the lack of sex – tensions, discontent with her husband and his wife, and his wife – her husband, then follow the conflict, because of which again there is no sex. And there is nothing surprising. If you, too, so you try to return to their original place communication – conversations, general business, habitual affection. Then a little later with the help of Cialis daily sex can be turned back.

Nerves. Constant tension, money problems, stress at work can frazzle anyone. And if before you go to bed, your man puzzled over where to get more money to pay the fee on the mortgage, or reflects on the report before the upcoming meeting, then at this moment a man does not want to stand exactly. To get out of this situation, it is necessary to overcome their fears, anger, and anxiety. If you cannot manage yourself, you should seek help from a psychologist. Calm wishes to help the beloved night, which can be very different.

A man can refrain from sex because of fear of failure. Fear of failure is present in the bed in all men, even if he still had no failures. Sometimes this fear reaches such power that a man avoid sex. Suspense failure syndrome so called doctors fear a fiasco. This problem can be solved if a man and a woman fully trust each other. The main thing for women – in any case not to make a man claims not to put him to the diagnoses that can only degrade.