What Health Specialists Diagnose and Treat Men’s Sexual Disorders?

According to the statistic, less than 50 percent of men apply to a doctor when they encounter disorders in the sexual sphere. This approach is completely incorrect because early treatment is usually much more effective. The problem is that many men simply do not know what health specialist they can apply to. In fact, if you are not sure, what doctor treats this or that disorder, or what the cause of your problem is, you can start with your GP. He will consult you and send you to the corresponding specialist.

• A urologist treats all types of genitourinary diseases in men including prostatitis, urinary tract infections, and erectile dysfunction when it is caused by some physiological reasons. This specialist can help you to define the reason of ED and prescribe a drug for its treatment. The most progressive drug for protracted treatment of ED, especially at early stages, is Cialis, which can cure the disorder completely.

• A sexologist deals with all types of sexual problems of both men and women. If you have any disorders associated with low libido, lack of sexual desire, non-satisfaction with your sexual life in general or inability of getting sexually aroused, you should visit this specialist. Besides, a sexologist can also prescribe medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and give recommendations for its improvement. Also, he can provide a complex consultation and treatment of the couple that experiences problems in bed.

• An andrologist is a purely “male” doctor, who treats all types of men’s problems – from sexually transmitted infections to disorders of the sexual function. He can consult on a wide variety of issues including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, hygiene of sexual life and healthy lifestyle, problems of men’s obesity and endocrine disorders as well as any issues relating to men’s physiology.

• An endocrinologist should be visited by both men and women in case of hormone imbalance. For example, if problems with libido or erectile functions are caused by low testosterone level, an endocrinologist can prescribe the corresponding treatment and give recommendations on how to increase testosterone.

• A psychiatrist treats all types of psychological and mental disorders. If the cause of erectile dysfunction or other disorder has psychogenic nature, a man should consult this specialist. Psychiatrists deal with a wide variety of inner mental issues using special techniques including hypnosis.

• A cardiologist should be visited in case erectile dysfunction is a cause of cardiovascular disorders. In practice, this happens quite frequently, especially in men of an older age. Sometimes, improving blood circulation can resolve the problem. Also, some medicines from heart diseases should be very carefully combined with drugs from erectile dysfunction. So, consulting a cardiologist is desirable in the process of treatment.
The human organism is a very complicated system, and all its elements are interconnected. That is why, often for the resolving of one problem, a complex approach is required.