What every man should know about sex life and improvements.

What is a “neurosis expectations” or sexual insecurity?

This is one of the common causes of sexual dysfunction in men. The reason for it can serve as a random failure -. From fatigue, nervous stress, adversity, prolonged abstinence, etc. A strong impetus to this neurosis can be a tactless accusation, carelessly thrown phrase, one thoughtless word about women men insolvency. The next time a man is already beginning to think about how to be the failure is not repeated, loses confidence and ease. Such difficulties may be accompanied by a man for months and years until he sees a specialist. But in case you started to suffer from problems in bed, you should try a modern approach to treatment, and try pills like Cialis.

First of all, the word is not worth believing. Very often it does not lead to anything good. Knowing the hearsay of someone’s high sexual activity, the man compares himself to a similar standard, and comes to the conclusion that he was “not at the level” and therefore ill. He inspires himself thought begins to read books, look for the cause of their inferiority. As soon as there are similar problems, do not delay, contact your doctor, sex therapist or other specialist leading technique in this specialty.

There is an opinion that the reduction in the potential to help sex hormones. Is it true?

There is no one medication for all occasions. For example, reducing the duration of sexual intercourse in one case may be due to endocrine disorders, in another – a nervous overstrain, sleep deprivation, prolonged anxiety, in the third – inflammation of the prostate, in the fourth – intoxication. And the treatment of these cases is different.

What can cause sexual excesses?

By fatigue, dizziness, heaviness in the head, a fall of physical and mental disability, the overall weakening of the body’s resistance, exhaustion, and sexual impotence centers.A man has sexual arousal can occur only from one erotic fantasy in women it happens very rarely. Men are a very exciting naked female body, especially the breasts and genitals. And some women view of the male sex organs is abhorrent. Men need to know and accept this. But this happens very rarely.

Do biorhythms affect sexuality?

Yes, it does. Even for the number of the day in men over hormones morning than in the evening. Much sexuality more pronounced after 2 days, one in four men – three days, and one in ten – a week. It should be taken into account.

How to achieve orgasm in sexual intercourse for both partners at the same time?

We need some time to adjust to each other with patience and sense organs.And approaching of orgasm in a woman provokes her and the man. Then the excitement he passes at once, and she calms down slowly. Therefore, a man should proceed with kindness, to say the woman pleasant, gentle words.
It causes of a lot of fatigues, recent illnesses, bad mood, bad food, too frequent sexual intercourse, is not an entirely successful partner, and others all recovered after the disappearance of these reasons.