The influences of sex on the health of the each adult person.

Many people believe that advanced and senile age have a negative impact on sexual health. That is, sexual intercourse during this period of life is impossible. In this regard, a new question arises – and whether sex effect on aging? After all this activity is very good for your health, so it is hoped that a regular sex life is slightly slow down the aging process. No wonder professionals confirmed that sex can be practiced in the 60 and 70, and even 90 years. And intimacy is not limited to a specific age limit, it is possible as long as the human body is healthy physically. The only thing that is a bit frustrating, is the loss of ability to have sex if it’s not for a long time. Tablets like Cialis can help is always in communication with the fair sex. Levitra buys you at our site.

Most importantly – attention to your partner

Sex effect on aging so that older he gets for the man more and more important. For example, these may include the function of maintaining strong relationships, affection, and love. In old age, it is this activity allows feeling young and old memories return, in other words, “warms the soul.” But be that as it may, the aging sooner or later brings about changes in the intimate process. If we take into account the female sex, there begins to appear insufficient lubrication of the vagina, which leads to some discomfort in bed. But to solve the problem, you can use artificial lubrication means in sex-shops with his head. In men older than 60 years there are weak erection and less vivid sensations during orgasm. The main reason is smoking and reception of various drugs.

Another problem could be the male body for a long time required for the onset of erection and arousal. Also, makes it felt a small amount of semen released during ejaculation. Therefore, we must know that there are features of their sex in old age. It is important to maintain an average, sometimes small, the rate of sexual intercourse. Pay more attention to the sensual aspect, enjoy no mechanical movements, and each other’s bodies. If such situations arise when an erection is difficult, do not worry unnecessarily. At this age, it is not uncommon. We need to seek help from a urologist. Sometimes it helps to mere deletion of certain drugs from the list of the received funds.
Some positions for sex can be very difficult to them should be abandoned. Checked it experimentally – which pose a difficult, and that is excluded. Polygamous sexuality demands the certain rules, such as the use of contraceptives.

Love will help to stay young

Identify features of the intimate life of a little distracted from the main issue – whether sex influence on aging. So, the study researchers from Ohio showed a direct relationship between sexuality <