Sexual health of men and all ways to improve it in every day.

Sexual health male

sexual-health-of-menEvery male values their sexual solvency. It does not matter whether it is an active and varied love life or in a committed relationship with a woman – the loss of masculine power frightens everyone. Even a slight weakening of erection is able to plunge man into despair, impotence is the same – it’s a real sentence for any representative of the stronger sex.Causes of impotence can be very different. The bad ecology, genetic predisposition, certain serious diseases (such as diabetes, for example), sedentary work, constant stress at work and family conflicts – in our time a man is not easy to reach “lossless” even up to forty years. Moreover, every year an increasing number of young people suffering from erectile dysfunction.Of course, it is right and it would be logical to consult a specialist for the qualified help. But this means a fully open quite a stranger, and by and large to admit the lack of masculinity. For most men, this is a serious emotional shock. Consult with your doctor is really necessary, but nothing forbids taking the fight for health control.

Leading pharmaceutical companies have long found a solution to the problem by creating a number of effective drugs to combat the most serious sexual disorders.

Why sexual life is so important

The use of sex to the body, how to have sex for health. Of course, sex improves the general condition of the body and strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory system. In addition, the following useful properties having sex:

• Improves brain activity

• Improves blood circulation, as during the occupation, the heart pumps blood faster. This will prevent the formation of blood clots and blockage of veins

• Increased level of hormones of joy and adrenaline production. Therefore, sex is a great depressant and improves emotional state as a whole

• After sex decreases pressure and increases resistance to stress

• Helps fight insomnia. Sex promotes complete relaxation of the body and then leaves a feeling of anxiety and a sense of calm appears

• Also, sex is not only useful for a good and sound sleep, but also the morning classes help to bring the body in tone, it gives energy, vigor and good mood for the whole day

• People who frequently have sex easily able to overcome depression, too, thanks to testosterone in the blood, increases self-esteem and self-confidence

It is important to understand that sex affects many aspects of our lives from the physical to the psychological state of the person.Nutritionists recommend that their patients who want to lose weight, as often as you can to have sex, as during the occupation calories are burned much faster than during any other physical exercise. One full sexual intercourse helps to burn about 200 calories, which can go to the gym, make aerobics, jogging, playing tennis or basketball. In addition, sex involves even those muscle groups that are difficult to develop, fulfilling even the most difficult exercise. The longer the intimacy, the faster will quicken your pulse. At the time of orgasm, it can reach 180 units. Perhaps many do not know, but having sex increases the activity of the brain of the system, thereby improving memory, memory process, reaction speed, attention and ability to learn. This is due to the fact that during intimacy brain gets plenty of oxygen.