1.Good day, I am 44 years old, recently fell into confusion, which compensated for by all available means, the lady in did not go mad, but I bought the probes. According to “Science” took half a pill of Cialis per day and got riser in the morning, lost three years ago! And then – re-encounter! As a result nearly died after hours of sex! Not from tablets, probably, and from physical exertion – is likely! The lady was also in the sweet shock … satisfied with everything – wife and I! Side effects – nasal congestion and difficulty at work, because everything you think about is how to get home.

2. I tried Cialis, ate the whole tablet. The characteristic nasal congestion and a small “dope” in my head, I felt somewhere in 20-25 minutes after ingestion. I took with the expectation that sex is 1,5-2 hours after ingestion, so actually happened. The effect is not very good – an erection that is, it suddenly disappears. However, I reached one of the goals – strongly decreased sensitivity as me and it was necessary. But the erection is not stable. Sex was, but to orgasm, I did not come down, but the girl was satisfied. After reception has occurred spontaneous erections during 48 hours, so I think it can be a kind of side effect.

3. In short, I took a pill of Cialis somewhere at 14:00, and I have chosen this time purposely. Waited for an hour is nothing, according to the feelings, after 2 hours and a stuffy nose, a little brown face, well, I think it is the beginning. In short, everything took place somewhere around 23 o’clock, I was pleasantly surprised at the thought that everything goes up, as if by magic, at the same time there is a very pleasant heaviness in the groin, oh yes, I want to say that the very act of duration increased somewhere in the 3-4 times, and of a pleasant surprise, that after the first time not falling almost a minute later again in the battle. I noticed that the effect of the drug began to disappear somewhere in 12-14 hours.

4. I bought Cialis in this shop, and the effect was quite visible. I took half a pill at night, then 2 hours before the meeting even half. Side effects: flushed face and a stuffy nose, but still tolerable. The riser was at the first thought of the beloved. But the duration of the act left much to be desired. The second time the meeting in 2 weeks later. The dosage regimen for the same. There are no side effects. The effect is worse, but everything here, as I understand it, depended on my mood. I took the night half pill of Cialis. Prior to the meeting, I took one more half. Over 4.5 hours – 8 acts with a normal duration, 5 minutes later was again ready to go into battle. My woman was left very happy, as I am.

5. For psychological reasons after divorce sexual frustrations started. There was an attempt to have sex with the “old” friend, which ended unsuccessfully. read the reviews and stayed on Cialis. I liked that “activation” is manifested in the stimulation of genital organs and 36 hours of action. If only an effect! I took 20 mg, did not share, for the hour before sex, worried scary! In general, the sex was with a few interruptions 4 hours, then I have fallen asleep. In the morning I had again 4 times sex. I finished, though once, but this is what I wanted to, you could go on, but I was told – everything, you wear out of me! Thank You, Cialis. Life began to play the same bright colors! I am 40, healthy, there were not any side effects.

6. I ordered Cialis here, and they sent it to me very fast. I waited impatiently. When received at once I drank a whole tablet, the evening still had about 3 hours. Some side effects were. The sense of something supernatural was not, but at the thought of having sex with his wife immediately became a member of the firm, not iron, it is hard and ready. Generally, the feeling that a member has opened a “second wind”. And this feeling is going on. It is nice to know that you now can meet his wife. She first wary glances at such an improvement on my part. True, I still do not tell her about Cialis. And now it has become even longer and requires rest.

7. It was like this: I took a whole tablet at 6pm. Let think to disperse through the body the drug, about an hour later there was a stuffy nose, but not for long. After another half an hour felt a surge of energy to the reproductive organs. Well, I think earned genital apparatus. Met, dined, drank not much, there was a huge desire to be punished to the fullest extent, however, I was a little surprised that the riser was not very strong, probably affected the amount of alcohol consumed. The first fight did not last long, and then took a shower, then she and while she was bathing, I dozed off. He awakened by gentle caresses friend and then that he sprang. In short, until 6 have struggled with her passion. During this time, he finished 3 times. Last time – somehow. The next day his eyes ached as though swelled, I think the pressure, though not certain, as they previously did not suffer. It’s been 4 days, but the tablet is still working, but today was the ache of the back, which is very frustrating because Cialis is very good.

8. I suffer from premature ejaculation due to the high sensitivity of the head of the penis, as well as poor potency due to a sedentary lifestyle. To extend the time of sexual intercourse I used prolongation, sometimes he helped me and the act was really long – about 20 minutes, it’s just super-long for me! And sometimes after applying the cream a member of the general refused to get up. So I decided to try to increase the potency pills – I was planning to use them in conjunction with prolongation. Ordered 5 Cialis tablets. The first pill gave immediate effect and brought me and my partner great pleasure. Will order more.

9. At 11pm I took half a pill of Cialis through 20 minutes experienced a small increase in intracranial pressure. Slightly stuffy nose, fundus slightly ill. An hour later I or used, or not paying attention, but there was no discomfort. The riser was not concrete, but there was nothing to be ashamed of. In general, very poor thinking was not. I just enjoyed. Oral delayed and after 10 minutes I realized that I could not finish it, and then with my problems. I read that Cialis can delay ejaculation, but did not think so, in general, had to make an effort to finish. But totally the result was great, and I will definitely try it again.

10. Normal taste, but a little nasty and a little bitter. The action of Cialis – excellent! It lasts not 36 hours, as they say in the instructions, and all 48 to take a pill on a Friday night, the action felt in 30 minutes, by the way, and it was a decent amount of alcohol consumed. The action lasted all day Saturday and Sunday, although it may be just on Sunday against the backdrop of “elation”. Three times a day for me not possible with Cialis three times a day for 3 days – no problem! I recommend trying it Cialis. Besides tried Viagra and Levitra, Viagra is not a pleasant side effect – a sharp rush of blood to the head, have the effect of Levitra and similar action.

11. The drug is revealed only when there is sexual stimulation! Erection is much better than without Cialis. Sensations such as if the member is now bursting, but the sensuality is enhanced. In general, 3 times with a short respite, the wife said that she was tired and that she can’t remember when she saw something like this from me. In the morning of the same effect. The effect is rather long – about 2 days, in the opinion even more. Side effects noted a small dry feeling in the mouth from Cialis. From the realization that the tablet works, I told about it to my friends. I think, for people with problems in this area, he is very fit and improve the quality of sexual life.

12. Cialis really works. I bought a 20 mg tablet before sexual intercourse drank riser was excellent and the advantage is that the drug acts when there is excitation of the object, rather than just sticking all the time! Later I noticed that the erection increased significantly. Before taking the drug, the erection was very weak