How to provide full sexual life for adult man at current lifestyle.

The frequency of having sex at different ages is not the same and depends on the characteristics of the body, mood, partner, health. Young people are the most sexually active, the number of sexual acts may reach 5 or higher throughout the day. Gradually the level of hormones decreases, and man enough 2-3 having sex a week. This applies to men and women aged 30 years. But in any case, a single standard for all the people there. There are only approximate values. People with a low sexual desire to be less active in the bed than those with a high libido. On the frequency of having sex in adolescence affects hormone levels, that is a biological factor. An adult is dependent on the social situation, their own beliefs. At any time, will get pleasure from sex drug Levitra, buy pills for potency here.

Different amount of sex in men and women

An ability to have sex gradually decreases with age. Naturally, a difference of 20 and 21 in the calculation is not taken. Up to 30 years of age sexual activity only increased, and then its subsequent decline begins. The girls 18-22 years of age frequency of intercourse is always higher than that of boys of the same age. The explanation is very simple: the girl is easier and easier to find a partner. For 25 years the situation is exactly the opposite. I have sex in men more than in women. Sex, its quantity, and quality depend on the atmosphere in the family, mood, state of health, success or failure at work.

Sex should be optional

Men aged 35-40 years are capable of repeated intercourse during the day. Then this opportunity is being lost, and can only become real with the help of special medications. Doctors recommend to have sex when required by the body, it is not necessary, as they say, “rape” it. Avoid close for a while to feel very excited afterward. Coitus after a short break gives more pleasure than a regular sex life.

People between the ages of 50 years begins to show a gradual decrease in the level of sexual desire. On average, 65 people completely forget what sex is. But there are exceptions to the rule when the 70-year-old people feel fine with my wife in bed. This is also the norm, though rare. Even in old age can happen is a problem. Extinction of sexual function in both men and women can occur at different times so that one of the partners will feel the need for sex, while the other is not concerned about the fact. It is sometimes said that the sexual act in the years of old age – this extra confusion. It is not as if there is sexual desire.As a result, we can say that the frequency of having sex at different ages although it has averaged, still very much depends on the health of the person and his partner. The more people are satisfied with their lives, so they will be more likely to refer to sex. The main thing that injury did not bring this active sport. Normal sex for men of different ages can be easily achieved with the help of special pills, such as Cialis, which have a great reputation and proved the level of efficiency.