How Can Sexual Disorders Be Prevented? Lifestyle and Active Ageing

While we are young and full of energy, we rarely think of future health problems. Truly saying, very little young men live a healthy lifestyle. Sleepless nights, alcohol, smoking, energy drinks, a lot of coffee, unhealthy food, uncontrolled sexual behavior cannot but influence the state of health. Add poor ecology of big cities, lack of fresh air and physical activity, and get the picture: numerous health problems including serious heart and endocrine disorders at the age of forty. Men’s sexual health has always been an indicator of overall well-being. Sexual disorders, in particular, erectile dysfunction, often are a symptom of cardiovascular or other diseases. Strong sexual function, on the contrary, is commonly a sign of a good health. How to reach and maintain sexual health at any age? Recommendations can seem trivial, but they are really working.

• Abandon bad habits. These are not only alcohol and tobacco addictions, but also incorrect nutrition habits, a habit of going to bed after midnight, too much TV and computers. If you really want to be fit, healthy and sexually healthy, study the principles of healthy eating and make it a rule to go to bed at 10-11 p.m., no later. Chronic lack of sleep combined with overeating at night is a recipe for sexual function disorders.

• Be active! This is crucial for maintaining sexual activity. People, who lack motion, often lose interest to sex. The passive way of life leads to passivity in all spheres including sexual. Try to walk whenever it is possible instead of driving a car. Don’t use public transport. Finally, get yourself a dog and walk it twice a day. Keep in mind that sitting at a computer, you are destroying your health and reduce the term of your sexual activity.

• Have regular sex. Researchers have found that regular sex with a permanent partner at a comfortable pace has a much more favorable effect on potency than uncontrolled sexual behavior. Moreover, men who have a regular partner, in general, are more satisfied with their sexual life. In addition, they are more self-confident and less inclined to neuroses and depressions. Happily, married men suffer from erectile dysfunction much rarely than single or having unsatisfactory relations individuals.

• Have a rest regularly. When you are too much tired, or have a headache, or can’t get relaxed thinking of problems at work, you can hardly think of sex. And if you are constantly tired or overwrought, or overworked, the quality of your sexual life inevitably suffers. Work addicts usually are unhappy in their family life. After all, it is not your work, which is going to make you happy, if you are not a workaholic. Don’t take work to your home, don’t think of work at weekends. Nobody will appreciate it, while your partner will be grateful if you give her more attention.

Sexual health has a great impact on all spheres of life. Care of your intimate love and keep in mind that prevention is the best treatment.