Our company, for now, consists of 15 people. The main objective, due to which we created this project, is to make it possible for people who need it to forget about problems with erection. Definitely, the life of ordinary people with our help can be much easier.

In our team are working specialists, who are absolutely sure, that it is possible to make each man feel like real mean in every life situation.

It can be said that both women and men differently tolerate sexual abstinence. For one it’s quite easy. while for others to refuse sex is very hard. In the first case, a man and so are not too intense sexual life, while the second – cannot imagine life without sex daily.
For men with a marked lack of sexual desire or disruptions in intimate contact can seriously affect overall health. For example, if a person is prone to neurotic manifestations, the lack or irregularity of sex, as, indeed, and very frequent contact can lead him to a neurotic condition.

This is reflected in increased irritability, temper, and even aggressiveness. In men, leading not too intense sexual activity, abstinence can be in a bad mood, and melancholy. Experts say that long-term abstinence among men sexually active serious harm to their physical and mental health.
So, for example, if a man is already suffering from any chronic inflammatory illnesses of genitals, lack of intimacy can provoke them aggravation.

Blood rushes to the genitals stagnates in the absence of orgasm, which provokes an exacerbation of the chronic disease, increases the risk of new pathologies. In particular, long abstinence provokes the emergence of prostatitis, enlarged prostate and even cancer of the pelvic organs.

In addition, he suffers from mental health, which is reflected in the appearance of deep long-term depression, emotional and sexual disorders. Sex, as such, effectively rescues from the harmful effects of stress. The fact is that during intercourse, the body actively produces endorphins, the so-called hormone of happiness. And even intense exercise, an active physical life will not be able to fully replace real sex.

In addition, according to the doctors, the lack of a full-fledged regular sex increases the risk of impotence. After all, with long-term abstinence body receives a signal about the uselessness of the sexual function itself and just “forgets” how and what to do.

However, it should be noted that men with low sexual desire may be quite normal in the absence of relations. This also fully applies to men age.

For example, people older than the easier and safer for him the lack of regular contact. However, a full, regular sexual activity at a young age is the basis of healthy aging.

If for some extenuating circumstances, a person must for a long time without full contact, can help to switch attention to employment creation, spiritual practices, that is, you should try to spend time without compromising their health.

In our company each man, who wants to forget about his sexual problems, will find support and professional approach to the problems. We also guarantee the best prices for all our drugs.