Month: August 2016

What every man should know about sex life and improvements.

What is a "neurosis expectations" or sexual insecurity? This is one of the common causes of sexual dysfunction in men. The reason for it can serve as a

How to provide full sexual life for adult man at current lifestyle.

The frequency of having sex at different ages is not the same and depends on the characteristics of the body, mood, partner, health. Young people are the most

The influences of sex on the health of the each adult person.

Many people believe that advanced and senile age have a negative impact on sexual health. That is, sexual intercourse during this period of life is impossible.

How long is the sexual intercourse can improve the health of a patient.

Scientific studies have answered that brief sexual act adversely affects the health. So that it was necessary in order sex lasting about half an hour. Evidence

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Sex - is an integral part of the full life of any couple, regardless of gender and age lovers. Unfortunately, over time, relationships grow cold, and the fire

High-quality Cialis over the counter for a full sexual health.

Where are sexual problems? Most men stint verdure, they are silent or manifest their actions. And this woman is very lacking. But here it is necessary to

Why a man can lose his sexual desire and how to change this situation.

Habit Women got used that most men want sex than not. But there are times when a man does not want sex. And not only takes the initiative but also trying to